This tribute is commemorated in Chile on September 4 in honor of Pedro de Valdivia’s arrival in Santiago, who first mentioned the word wine in our country, which would later become one of the country’s main industries.

To celebrate this date, Chileans participate in various activities, and in each region and city where wine is produced, initiatives are organized that are accompanied by tastings of the different varieties of Chilean wine.

In Santiago, capital of Chile, in the Maule region, Colchagua Valley and in the Valparaíso region, the main activities ranging from wine tastings, offers and good discounts on the purchase of wines, tours through the vineyards are concentrated; tours by heritage wineries. The idea of all this is to bring the Chilean wine heritage and tradition closer to the community; living history, culture, gastronomy, and wines in their natural surroundings.

Winemaking is very important for Chile. Foreign sales already exceed two billion dollars; They reach more than 150 nations, placing the country as the fourth world exporter.
The total area of vineyards for winemaking today occupies more than 141,000 hectares.

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Chilean wines in Brazil
Also, when our country is in the midst of the celebrations of the National Holidays, in Brazil an important selection of Chilean wines will be showing off at the São Paulo Wine Trade Fair 2019, an increasingly important international showcase of the country that presents the wine market more Big of the region. This is a consolidated adult beverage fair in Brazil, which will take place between September 17 and 19 at the modern Anhembi fair center.
Chilean wines have an important presence in the São Paulo Wine Trade Fair 2019, since they reach almost 50% market share