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We are producing our grapes to develop our wines, which we export to over 40 countries in 5 continents.

We specialize in developed of customized products, private wine label and packaging solutions. We have on our portfolio; bottled wines, bag in box wines (BIB) and bulk wines.

Wines for export: one of the survivors of the commercial War

Although the general figures for shipments to June show falls in all categories, the secretariat of International Economic Relations conducted a more exhaustive analysis to validate the potential of non-copper exports in the international context. Cherries, plums, salmon, pork and wines are the products that record record shipments today. A segment that moves forward with maximum growth is wine exports, which reach US $ 959 million, driven mainly by bulk wine, leaving bottled wine with a lower share. Wine exports…

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Exports of Chilean wines decreased in the first quarter of 2019 due to market uncertainty in the international context.

Something moved has been the wine market. The export value of Chilean wines fell by 6.1% in the first quarter of 2019, compared to the same period of the previous year, with sales of US $ 341.7 million, according to information provided by the Chilean exporters’ association. The volume of Chilean wines sent to the world fell by 4.5%, with 12 million boxes exported in the same period. Performance declined the first three months of the year due to the…

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Increases volume of Chilean wines for bottled exports

They totaled US $ 124.9 million, 0.7% less than in the same month of 2018, but for the first time in the year there were growth figures in the US. The good news is that the Chilean wine producers exported more. The bad thing is that at a lower price. That is the balance left by the figures for April shipments of wine bottled agreements to the background provided by Vinos de Chile. In the month of April 2019 there…

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Chile makes its way among the new wines…learn more about chilean wines at

Wine, the king of exports and increasingly popular outside the country, is already an inseparable part of the Chilean identity. The next September 4 is the National Day of Chilean wine, a date that commemorates a letter signed in 1545 by the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in which he asked King Charles V “vines and wines to evangelize Chile”. 474 years later, the wine has become one of the best ambassadors of Chile abroad, in a country that has valleys…

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