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Our aim is to produce "Quality Wines with Genuine Identity". In the search to define the character of our wines, the harvest represents the qualities of a good young varietal wine with intense fruit, a gentle medium body, and balance.
Delicately accompanied by toasted notes.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon / Red Wine

Deep ruby red color and bright. Varietal and perfumed nose with notes of red fruits accompanied by delicate toasted notes.

On the palate in a wine with soft tannins and round, full-bodied and very fruity. Persistent aftertaste accompanied by aromas of vanilla toast and provided for their stay in oak barrels.

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Carmenere / Red Wine

Bright red, bright and clean, bluish tinge. Spicy varietal aroma and elegant.
Very good complexity with barrel notes of chocolate.

Good balance on the palate, smooth and creamy. Its wood provides toast and smoke notes that give a good finish.

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Malbec / Red Wine

It is recognized as being of a dense, deep and dark purple color of great body and structure, which gives us a scent of violets and plums triggered in aromatic tones of great consistency, which may also include vanilla and cinnamon depending on their aging.

Of soft and sweet tannins, which gives us a medium body that enhances its taste on the palate.

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Merlot / Red Wine

Ruby red color. Fruity aroma, notes of plum varieties on a soft background of oak due to its stored in barrels.

The mouth is light and smooth with good balance. Medium bodied, fruity and elegant finish.

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Syrah / Red Wine

Bright red, bluish tinge. Many typical floral aroma and strength, accompanied by delicate toasted notes from its stored in barrels.

The mouth has good volume, smoothness and balance with very long aftertaste persistence. We recommend opening with adequate notice (1 hour) before drinking.

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Color amarillo pajizo con tonos verdosos. Nariz marcadamente frutal, su carácter frutoso de papaya y plátano se mezclan sutilmente a las notas tostadas provenientes del roble.
Boca bien balanceada, untuoso y equilibrada.

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White Blend (Chardonnay – Sauvignon Blanc – Viogner)

White Blend

This wine is light yellow in colour with green hints and it has a delicate bouquet which unveils white fruit such as peaches, together with subtle notes of cherimoya; The fruitiness of Viognier and the texture of the Roussanne, the freshness of the Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris combine well.

The balance in the mouth is gentle and elegant with good acidity and sweetness which lengthen the finish.

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