Bag in Box Chilean

This format has begun to expand in almost all countries where wine is produced, in both low and medium range wines as well as Premium wines. What began as a fashion in Europe, today has been taking more force; Although some consumers still prefer traditional formats.

Format Bag in Box (BIB)

The bag in box system owes its growth to the need of a type of public, who looks for a container that allows him to drink a glass of wine and save the rest of the content without ruining the quality of the wine by oxidation.


Technical Data:

• Metallized film to extend the period of time or Multilayer film of
high barrier to the O2 based on LLDPE and EVOH.
• Vitop® valve.


• Prolonged storage of more than 6 weeks once opened.
• Optimization of the storage space.



• For 3 liters / 153 x 116 x 209 mm
• For 5 liters / 184 x 123 x 241 mm

Recommendations on the BIB

This format preserves the wine of its worst enemies: light and air. Thanks to this packaging, oxidation is avoided and the wine is kept fresh, being ideal for those who want to enjoy a good wine at home every day.

Although it is a tool that solves a great problem of consumption in homes and restaurants, it still does not totally hook consumers...
And, do you dare to buy wine in the format of Bag in Box?