Despite all the turbulence of international wine markets during 2019, Chilean producers and exporters are optimistic about the results. The Marketing Strategy suggests that in 2025 Chile will consolidate in the external market, as one of the main producers of premium, sustainable and diverse wines in the new world.

Chilean producers must work on the development of strategies that allow producing high quality wines. Much of the wine industry and exporters of bottled wine agrees that Chile needs to position itself as a producer of high-end wines, without neglecting the other market segments, because they are all important, such as bag in box, bulk wines, among others .

Chile must continue to invest in innovation and development, invest in country image. The country must go out to convince the experts of the quality that Chilean wines are of perfect invoice. The Chilean wine industry has changed a lot since 30 years ago. Today is totally different. It has grown a lot and the evolution that Chilean wine has had over time, which has been extremely positive.

It should be clear that countries such as France, Spain and Italy that are the main countries worldwide, sell a huge amount of cheap wine, that area can not be ignored. What Chile needs is to enhance the wine, enhance the image of Chile, to sell more expensive wines.

In addition to targeting the high range, Chile is working with the Government of President Piñera in terms of generating associativity or cooperatives. If the cooperatives are well done, modern cooperativism works very well, and in wine that could also work.

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