Learn about premium Chilean wines www.cortahojas.com. Europe maintains the leadership in terms of new trends. In the case of wine there is a situation that is becoming a trend and is that sales of wine in large formats, mainly Bag in Box, had a very good 2017, with outstanding results. The growth of consumption in bag-in-box in Europe increased by 50% and 24% that of bottles of more than 1 liter.

The background information provided by the OEMV shows a stability in the consumption of wine in homes during the first quarter of this year 2018 (-0.7%), while a generalized rise in prices in the different categories generates a turnover higher (+ 2.7%), especially led in these months by the increases in wines with PGI.

On the other hand, when comparing with how the year closed 2017, sparkling wines fell in Europe, slowing the growth of the consumption of wines with PDO and slightly improving the wines without indication.

By type of container, households invested 1.2% more in acquiring 75 cl bottles. in this first quarter of the year, up to 190 million euros, representing 80% of the total value. However, its purchase volume fell by a slight 0.7% to 50.3 million liters; it is still the most expensive package, with € 3.78 / liter (+7 cents).

The good performance of the large formats stands out in this first quarter: the sales of bottles of more than 1 liter in the food channel increased 15% in volume and almost 30% in value, while the value of the bottles of 1 liter rose above 11% despite falling slightly in volume. Excellent increase also of the wine in cardboard exceeding one liter.
The bag-in-box closed this first quarter with relatively stable figures, after the exceptional increase registered in 2017. The small formats (<75 cl.) Fell quite a lot, from 3.72 to 2.95 € / liter. Therefore, its value fell by 20%, despite the fact that its volume remained stable (+ 1%). It should be noted that they are the only type of packaging that registered an average price lower than that of the first quarter of 2017. Chilean wines, mainly Premium wines, are being recognized all over the world. A clear example of this is the Asian continent. Undoubtedly, high-end or premium Chilean wines are the most important in the international high class market. Chilean wines occupy an important place in this booming Asian market. Learn about premium Chilean wines.
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