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Chilean export wines surpass their historical sales and the vintage began

Chilean wine brands are leaving an important footprint worldwide. Foreign sales already exceed two billion dollars; the wines are already reaching more than 150 nations and Chile is already in fourth place as a world exporter. Exports exceeded 2,060 million dollars in 2017. These days, and since a few weeks ago, grape harvesting has been taking place in Chile and, as has been the case in recent years, it has been advanced as a result of climate change. The effects…

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Chilean wines export and are located in the fourth place in the world

The Ministry of Agriculture of Chile reported that the country is the fourth world exporter of wine with a turnover that exceeds US $ 2,000 million. International markets are not only reserved for large vineyards, large producers and large exporters, but are also available for Peasant Family Farming, which today, in Chile, wants to start associating to go out to foreign markets. At the governmental level it is valued that the Chilean wine is an ambassador of the country in…

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Sauvignon blanc … is enhanced in the central valleys of Chile

The history of Sauvignon Blanc in Chile starts in the Casablanca Valley. Here began the history of sauvignon blanc and where today you can find some of its best examples. At the end of the 80’s, a vineyard in this valley was planting the first vines of sauvignon blanc, a vine that was known as sauvignon. In other words, he was a kind of poor brother or distant relative known as sauvignon vert or sauvignonasse. The oenologists realized that the…

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Chilean wines and the conquest of exotic markets

Different brands of wines from different wineries are today in non-traditional destinations such as Kenya, Iraq or Indonesia or Denmark, Sweden and Finland. In 2018, Chile closed with an export record of bottled wine for several references in the wine industry. Some vineyards reached more than 100 countries and “exotic” markets represent around 10% of the global market and are growing. Some Chilean wines are already being sold in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway; Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Mozambique, Sierra…

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