Chilean Premium Wines

We are producing our grapes to develop our wines, which we export to over 40 countries in 5 continents.

We specialize in developed of customized products, private wine label and packaging solutions. We have on our portfolio; bottled wines, bag in box wines (BIB) and bulk wines.

Increases the interest of Chilean wine in world trade… bag in box chilean wines

According to information provided by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, Chile improved its wine exports in 2017, more in value than in volume, registering the highest price of the last three years. Chile is the only American supplier of the three that we present that increased its exports. 2017 clearly was a year marked by the growth of sales of Chilean wine. All categories increased in value and volume. Bulk wine sales also had a significant increase mainly to Argentina,…

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Chilean wineries adapt to harsh commercial scenarios, but China can be the salvation

The scenario has become complex for the main national vineyards. The fall of the exchange rate has been generating more of a problem to Chilean wineries, mainly to those that export their products. The two vintages of low production volumes and the tailbacks that Brexit originated in the United Kingdom, have installed an environment of concern for some Chilean companies. Some have adjusted their budget for investments, due to the increase in costs in raw material and labor. It is…

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Chile wine producer: The enormous development of Chile and the strength of the wine industry

Chilean wine is one of the main ambassadors of the country and its diverse producers aspire to develop the best premium wines in the world. Twenty years ago, the Chilean wine industry was dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. However, in recent decades the country has experienced a great development and its industry has been strengthened by diversity, with Premium wines of recognized international quality, even bulk wine very competitive worldwide. In Chile we can find everything and at affordable…

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Premium wines become objects of luxury among consumers

There are many Premium wines that, due to their quality, are considered as luxury wines and, lately, there has been a trend in which they are purchased as investments in the future. These premium quality wines have come to be compared with works of art. For some people the wines of important crops become a hobby, however for a significant percentage of billionaires wines have become the destination of their investments. According to The Wealth Report, which monitors the consumption…

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