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We are producing our grapes to develop our wines, which we export to over 40 countries in 5 continents.

We specialize in developed of customized products, private wine label and packaging solutions. We have on our portfolio; bottled wines, bag in box wines (BIB) and bulk wines.

The importance of storing wine in wood… chilan premium wines

The origin of barrel aging and how the United Kingdom and France changed the history of wine. The aging of wines is born with the transport of this one. The origin of the aging of the wines coincides with the need to transport it from the production areas to the points of consumption. Next we will make a tour of its history. According to historical data, the first sign is found about 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia where there were…

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Premium Chilean wines to accompany the hot summer of the southern hemisphere

At a time when the northern hemisphere suffers with the most extreme cold registered in recent decades, on the other side of the planet the inhabitants struggle with a hot summer of high temperatures. That is the case of Chile. This is the time of year when Chileans take the opportunity to take vacations and enjoy good sunsets with a good Chilean wine. On this occasion we will share some recommendations so that you can enjoy a good wine at…

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Chilean wines export exceeds US $ 1,500 million and China is the main destination

The beginning of 2019 brings good news for producers and exporters of Chilean wine. This is because the exports of bottled wines closed the year 2018 with a commercialization of US $ 1,508 million, figure that realizes that sales were almost even compared to 2017, year in which the industry stood out with a record of US $ 1,520 million in shipments. According to data from the Central Bank of Chile, shipments reached US $ 1,622 million FOB. The above,…

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The valleys of Chile … where the sauvignon blanc is reborn

The central valleys of Chile protect a secret that spread throughout the country. It was here where the history of sauvignon blanc began and where today some of its best examples are found. Towards the end of the 1980s, a vineyard in Casablanca began planting the first vines of sauvignon blanc. What was formerly known as sauvignon, was actually a kind of poor brother or distant relative known as sauvignon vert or sauvignonasse. The oenologists realized that the new clonal…

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