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Corta receives Carbon Neutral international certification

Inversiones Corta Hojas Ltda. parent company of obtained the CarbonNeutral® Office Certification through the (international protocol), with which the company neutralizes its CO2 emissions associated with the commercial management of wine exports. Carbon Neutral helps companies develop sustainability strategies and CO2 emission reduction programs. “Carbon Neutral” is a term that refers to the state in which the net emissions of greenhouse gases released to the environment are equal to zero, their principal objective is not to affect the…

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Good news for the Chilean wines of Exportation: bottled wines increase 5% in volume and value

The wine producing industry in Chile has remained positive despite the turbulence experienced in some of the main destination markets for Chilean products. Even the sector has gained ground in the period January-September so far in 2017.… Learn more about chilean wines export in According to the data of ODEPA (Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies), of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the first 9 months of the year shipments were made for 349.4 million liters of bottled wine,…

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Premium wine category boosts exports of Chilean wines

All about wines August was a month with good results for wine producers and exporters in Chile. During the period, exports of bottled wine registered an increase of 9.2% in volume and 12% in value. These figures were driven by exports of wine boxes of between 40 and 50 dollars and boxes of over 60 dollars, which in other words is known as Premium wines. The first increased by 30% and the premium by 17%. With these numbers, the…

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Chilean bulk wine achieves better value since 2014

Learn more about Chilean bulk wines in A very good news brings the economic indicators for the wines in bulk. Sales prices of bulk wine have skyrocketed in all home markets due to poor harvests in Europe. On the other hand, the producers have speculated that the fires that occurred in California would generate a positive scenario for the value of this drink. However, the export values of the Chilean bulk would already have reached the ceiling. A report…

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Demand for bulk wine would see booming California fires

Learn more about chilean bulk wines…/- Nearly 11,000 hectares have been affected by the fires that have plagued the emblematic Napa and Sonoma wine estates in the United States. Information was provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. So far the fire has devastated plantations, wineries and mansions in the heart of the production of high-end wines in the west of that country. Given this scenario, an eventual boost is expected in Chilean wine exports to the…

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Premium Chilean wines make their way in the Latin American market

A new South American country joins the boom for the preference of Chilean wines. We are talking about Paraguay. Currently, about 60% of local wine consumption is dominated by products of Chilean origin. Consumers’ preference lies in those price segments that fluctuate between so-called medium and low. For this reason the Chilean exporters decided to promote the landing of high-end labels to accompany the growth of the gastronomic spectrum that this country experiences In this way different activities are being…

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Premium wines boost the export of Chilean wines

The month of August 2017 was an excellent month for Chilean wine exporters. Shipments of bottled wine increased 9.2% in volume and 12% in value. These results were driven by exports of premium wines, whose boxes are worth over US $ 60. During August, exports of 5.4 million cases of bottled wine were registered, equivalent to US $ 159.9 million. The average price grew 2.5%, reaching US $ 29.5 per box. So far this year, the accumulated industry has grown…

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Chilean sparkling wines take away foreigners…

In we have a wide variety of sparkling wines with outstanding qualities. Visit our website and contact us …. See other high quality alternatives…… In the last time, the consumption of sparkling wines has taken force in Chile as well as abroad and the most important is a significant increase in the national production of sparkling wines, which is reflected in the reduction of imports and the increased exports to different destinations in the world. The Chilean brands are…

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The Chilean wine industry is empowered, know more at

Every time the wine industry goes through some complex time, because the dollar is low or there was a great freeze, complex situations occur in the different vines, and this year has not been different. In recent months, producing wineries have been affected by the price of the dollar, frost, rain in some sectors or increased drought in others, which has certainly generated losses in production. Bulk wine has also shown signs of declining, due to the fact that other…

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Region of the Maule to the rescue of the strains and a new bet in the wine industry

Visit our web… Did you know that in Chile there is an area called the Maule Region that has 44% of the country’s wine production. It is the region richest in musts and it is the basis of the wine tradition whose origins date back more than four hundred years. At the moment, in the region of the Maule there are more than 30 thousand vineyards, situation that gives him a great reputation both nationally and internationally. CortaHojas Companies…

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