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Chilean wine exports decrease in first quarter 2019

Irregular performance showed exports of bottled Chilean wine during the first three months of the year. In the first quarter of 2019, the value of shipments abroad of this product had a drop of 6.1% with US $ 341.7 million. While the volume also decreased by 4.5%, with 12 million boxes. The lower registered dynamism was due to different factors. On the one hand, the “commercial war” has generated a climate of uncertainty, especially in China and the Chinese are…

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Commercial war and Chilean export wine .. where are we going?

When the trade war between the US and China began, Chilean wines looked with some optimism at the situation. However, over the months it seems that this situation no longer represents an opportunity, at least, for Chilean wine. Last year, mid-2018, skirmishes began among the world’s largest economies, it was thought that the confrontation could favor the Chilean wine industry, especially export wines and in particular premium wines, after the Asian giant imposed an additional tax of 15% on American…

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Chile reaches the presidency of the World Wine Trade Group

World Wine Trade Group (WWTG), is a government and private sector organization whose purpose is to facilitate the trade of wines for the benefit of exporters and importers. If you need information about chilean wines from visit our website where you will find all our contact information. Representatives of the Government of Chile and Chilean wine producers and exporters will participate in the ceremony where Chile assumed the presidency of the World Wine Trade Group (WWTG), a governmental and…

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Chilean premium wines … Wine and biodiversity: the interest of the vineyards for the conservation of nature increases

A new study in Latin America that evaluates a conservation strategy in the industry provides an x-ray of the vineyards that seek to reconcile production with the protection of the Mediterranean ecosystem, the most threatened in Chile. The great reputation of Chilean wine has allowed Chile to be the main exporter of this product in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth worldwide. However, the drink is produced in the Mediterranean area, where the most threatened ecosystem is found in Chile.…

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