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The strength of the image and how it can affect the choice of a good wine

Marketing experts often say that “image is everything” … and -generally- they are right. In the world of wine there are prejudices among wine consumers that condition the preference for the products. In Western culture it is customary to say that “everything comes through the eyes” … if it looks good, if it looks healthy, if it is beautiful … if it meets these requirements it is acquired. Something similar happens with the wine. Over the years prejudices were created…

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Chile, the fourth largest wine exporter in the world

Chilean export wines already have their own place in the world: they are in fourth place as a world exporter of wine, with a turnover exceeding US $ 2,000 million. International markets are not only reserved for large vineyards, large producers and large exporters, but are also available for Chilean agriculture. The growth shown by Chilean agriculture in 2018, year in which it grew by 5.8%, figure that is well above the growth of the Chilean economy that reached 4%.…

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Wine at a global level: Production recovered in 2018 from minimums of 60 years

The increase was driven by a significant increase in Italy, France and Spain, three of the world’s leading producers, while in the region highlighted the rebound of Chile and Argentina. The world production of wine recovered in 2018 from almost historical lows due to an improvement in the harvests compared to the previous year, although consumption stopped growing. After falling to a floor of six decades in 2017, when harvests were affected by extreme weather in Europe, which included droughts…

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Balance of wines for export: Chilean wines close 2018 with average price increase

According to data provided by the Wine Association of Chile, the performance for Chilean wines during 2018 was positive leveraged by an increase in average prices in all categories compared to 2017. The total of boxes exported stood at 55.3 million, with a slight decrease of -3.3% – in relation to the previous year – mainly due to the decrease in shipments to the United States and Japan. However, the value exported in 2018 remained at a level similar to…

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